Delivery terms

1. General
The term 'goods' refers to games and manuals published by Gerrickens Training & Advies (hereafter to be called Gerrickens).

2. Copyright
All copyrights with respect to the goods published by Gerrickens are explicitly reserved by Gerrickens.

3. Multiplication
The buyer is prohibited from producing any copy or any other means of multiplication, in any shape or form, of any part of the goods without the explicit written permission of Gerrickens.

4. Payment and Reserved Right of Ownership
On acceptance of the order, the buyer will be sent an invoice drawn up according to the existing rates. After payment of the invoice the goods will be sent out. The listed prices of the goods are excluding tax and shipping. Gerrickens reserves the right to modify rates.

5. Use
The goods may only be used in business or personal situations. It is not permitted to make the goods available through computer, internet or intranet without the explicit written permission of Gerrickens.

6. Liability
Gerrickens will not be held liable for any direct or indirect (consequential) damage resulting from the use of the goods, or for the inability to (timely) deliver the goods.

7. Infringement
Gerrickens reserves the right to claim complete compensation for damages caused by any act in violation of the terms in the delivery conditions, as well as any right assigned by Copyright law to Gerrickens.